As the list of equipment used in the office goes on, the photocopier/printer is the most important asset of the business needs. But many things that are considered as worthy and useful for one business, it’s also a possibility that it can’t be suitable and worthy of another business. Sometimes a business has a peak season in which more resources are used but that doesn’t last forever. It is used as a mistake and a waste of money to buy such resources that are useful only in some specific passage of time and are ideal for the rest of the year. Spending a lot in buying photocopy machines and hiring labour to operate it is not a feasible solution if you know that your office will not need it after some time. This need can be fulfilling wisely if instead of buying the whole setup for photocopy, go for the option of photocopier hire. Renting a photocopier for the short or long term makes more sense than to manage everything just for photocopy. 

How much it cost? 

 Renting a photocopier will be much less than to lease a whole set up. With hiring a photocopier for your business, you will be able to spend money on other resources that are more valuable for your business. A photocopier renting cost will start from just $25 per month and it goes up depending on the quality and amount of work you demand. 

Why go for a photocopier hire?                        

The most important and common fact behind renting a photographer is to provide flexibility to the business. Another reason is that if you have an idea that you will not require a photocopy setup for whole year to run your business smoothly, and keeping this fact in mind if you opt to rent a photocopier, then you will also be safe from spending cost on the maintenance of the equipment, if you rent a photocopier then it is not your headache to worry about the maintenance of whatever machinery he is using. 

The duration of rental contracts varies from 3 days to 3 months so that you can hold a machine as per your needs. Below, we have listed down some business situations where hiring a photocopier is better than to buy. 

  • In exhibitions, it’s better to rent a photocopier in this scenario 
  • Better decision to rent a photocopier for conferences  
  • A photocopier will help you to deal with Trade shows and Expo 
  • A very large business meeting 
  • In events  
  • Seminars are better with hiring a photocopier  
  • Printing of annual reports 
  • Conventions  
  • Large projects of a few months 
  • Annual taxes 
  • Start-up 

These are the scenarios in which without any second thought hire a photocopier in advance.  

Advantages of hiring a photocopier 

Well, the advantages are countless, that is why this business is running so successfully all around the world, if any solution that is not feasible and helpful, it won’t last more than few years, but the photocopier lease is getting fire day by day. The photocopier leasing will benefit in the following ways: 

  • You don’t need to spend the whole bunch of money at a single time 
  • You don’t need to be worried about the maintenance of the machinery used 
  • Electricity bills are not your fatigue 
  • Smaller payments are easier to manage 
  • Tone refills, paper, and ink are the responsibility of the photocopier 
  • Get work done by the latest technology photocopier every time. 

Things to consider 

Don’t worry we are helping you in this domain as well, here are some key things you should consider before hiring a Ricoh colour photocopier. 

Colour photocopies 

First figure out that either you have to print black photocopies, or it is necessary to go with colour copies. It makes a big difference because more ink is required for colour copies, due to which upfront cost will also increase. 


This is a very important factor to do homework on. Must consider the speed of the photocopier before hiring him because if you need the work done on an urgent basis and he works in the speed of a turtle, this speed mismatch will be a bottleneck for the performance. 

Duplex printer 

Duplex printing is a feature that allows printing on both sides of the paper. This will reduce the cost of paper and also save some time. 

— October 10, 2019

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