Becoming a mother is one of the hardest and most wonderful experiences that you will go through as a woman. The entire duration of pregnancy is tough on the mother, from experiencing nausea in the early days to becoming very uncomfortable in your own body due to the extra weight you have gained and not to mention the number of times that you have to visit the bathroom because of the pressure that your bladder is under. All this becomes nominal as compared to the pain that you go through while giving birth, whether it is a normal delivery or a caesarean one. What comes after the birth of the baby can only be described as a daily struggle as you have no idea as to what you are doing combined with the sleepless nights and the stress of having given birth which means that your body has become weak and needs healing of its own. The choice between breastfeeding and bottle feeding your child is one of the most important decisions that you make as it concerns the nutrition of your baby. From making decisions regarding pumping, goats milk formula or cow’s milk formal or the choice to consider both, moms go through a lot of stress and guilt and it is important that everyone around them make them as comfortable as possible and provide them with a lot of love and support. Breastfeeding is great as it provides a great way for the mother to bond with their babies and also helps in increasing the immunity of the baby and helps them fight infections such as diarrhoea and allergies as well. Breastmilk is considered the perfect food for the baby as it contains all the necessary nutrients needed for the babies’ development and is also easy to digest. However, there are also substitutes available such as goats milk formula which is easy for the bay to digest as well 

There are many reasons why mothers may choose to bottle feed their babies instead of breastfeeding them such as the infants inability to latch on properly and the tenderness of the nipples which may put off some women. Breastfeeding is a full time commitment and as it easy to digest, the baby is ready for another feeding very soon. This also makes it difficult for moms to leave their kids with someone especially if they want to go out. Mothers also have to take care of what they eat as many things are passed on to the baby through their milk which makes bottle feeding seem like an easier option and you can also ask other mothers about any bottle feeding tips that they may have to make your life easier. Certain medical conditions such as AIDS or those that involve chemotherapy also makes breastfeeding unsafe for the children. This is where bottle feeding comes in which is commercially prepared formula made under sterile conditions which acts as an alternative to breastmilk and provides almost the same amount of supplements. It is a very convenient method of feeding your child and also helps ensure the participation of the father as they can take over some of the feedings and let the mother rest. One important bottle feeding tip is to always wash and sterilize your bottles especially in the first few mother to avoid the baby catching any sort of infection. 

It is also less digestible than breastmilk and babies stay full for longer periods of time which is especially helpful at night as it means that they will sleep for longer periods of time. Aside from the common option of cow’s milk formula, you also have the option of goat’s milk formula which is easier to digest and is less allergic than cow’s milk as it has a less amount of lactose in it. Another bottle feeding tip is to always be organized which means that you have to maintain the temperature of the milk so keep some preheated water with you in a bottle so that you don’t have to rush to heat water when the baby is crying. Also make sure that you always have extra bottles at hand. 


— September 24, 2019

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