The word artificial turf in Melbourne is used for synthetic fiber which appearance is similar with natural grass. Mostly in sports areas like arena, artificial turf is normally used, also used in gardens like canal garden. In floriculture, turf is the surface layer of soil with its matted, dense vegetation. On farms the turf grasses are often grown. If there Is need to garden but there are no such resources, then a better solution is synthetic grass installation in Melbourne. It is generally formed from original material and known as European grass. This outcome coming in form of blades of grass which give a reduction in solar reflection, multiple color coupling and UV resistant.  

Steps of the synthetic grass installation  

If proper installation occurs in setting turf grass then you can protect your investment and getting the best result from your newly cultivation. So before planting the sod by yourself or by the professional installer you have to consider some steps for proper installation here are 6 step that should be known to you. 

Step 1 

To give the perfect growing environment to your garden, test the soil to discover its level of nutrients. The soil kit is easily getting from the office of local extension. Take sample test of soil at different places of the area and store each sample in the labelled container. Ans this procedure takes two weeks to complete it. 

Step 2 

After testing the soil, the next step, we have done is to measure the area which will be sod. There are too many ways to measure the sod area the first way is to calculate by the calculator which allows to measure the area just by pressing the parameter. We get almost 5-20 % of estimated to cover all the area is more preferred.   

Step 3 

Before growing the new grass perfectly, we have to remove the old grass. To remove it concern roundup or another product which is glyphosate based. After first apply we have to wait for more three day and then we can apply it second time. When you get the garden fully browned then used a sod cutter to cut the top layer grass to create a smooth surface for the new grass. 

Step 4 

The site should be cleared from all the building materials. No diameter of any material should be exceeding from 5cm. 

Step 5  

It is recommended to check pallet of the sod of the turf within 48 hrs. after the delivery, if you install the grass on the same day when the grass is dried out, then go it. It is the best idea to lay the sod of the turf with the offsetting stream in the pattern of the brick. Roll the grass off for the matter of the smoothness. Even after some weeks the visible ugly results of the construction becomes invisible.  

Step 6 

The grass should be watered thoroughly and properly once the turf has been installed, since water is crucial to don’t let the grass dry. 

Benefits of turf grass 

Turf grass is infamous to serves the environment in many ways, that will be surprised you definitely 

  • Turf is considered to be the best to reduce the following speed of the water that is following form it. To make the ground water reserves turf is the best a it will absorb the water underground. 
  • Turf is the efficient system in holding the nutrients and filtering the water underground.  
  • By reduction of the weedy species the production of the pollen will reduced, in addition to this the other airborne and the dust allergies are also reduced since, turf is the efficient in trapping them in the dense turf’s stand.  
  • Turf is also proved itself the efficient one as it is the best in preventing the spreading of the large fire that is usually out of the control, So, if you have the healthy grass of the turf than it could be the best in becoming the barrier to such type of the pathetic explosion.  
  • Other most surprised benefit of the turf grass is it is the efficient in reducing the sound pollution, as it made in that sort of the turf’s slope that make it the sloped barrier that is facing the source of the noise, as it reduces the sounds upto 10 decibels. 


— September 11, 2019

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